The Floor Of The Elevator Opened Essay

The Floor Of The Elevator Opened Essay

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The doors to the elevator opened at the tenth floor, and I was shocked to see Sarah and Jacob, waiting with the other Haydeans in the hallway. Sir had kept us apart for the most part. This was the first time I had seen Sarah. She looked the same and gave me a small smile.
“Sarah,” I moved toward them.
The guard yanked me back and pushed me out of the way.
“Don’t hurt him,” she yelled.
“Move now.” The human guards motioning with their electric prods to get the group to move. Jacob was reluctant to move until Sarah looped arms with him. He lowered his head and entered the elevator.
Swallowing hard, I went with the man to the cafeteria. He held the door open for me. I entered and went to the empty table by the window. Laying my head on the surface, I wrapped my arms around my face. I just wanted to talk to them. Being alone had left me with too much time to think. Sarah and Jacob weren’t just random strangers that took pity on me, they were my cousins. I wanted to know why they did it.
A plate of food was placed in front of me. I didn’t feel like eating but picked up the fork and began stirring the peas around my plate. The corners of my mouth raised. Emma would be scowled me by now. Don’t play with your food, if I wanted to be strong like my brothers I need to eat my vegetables, she’d lecture me.
“Still moping.”
My eyes darted up to his face.
He pulled out the chair across from me and sat down “It seems like that’s all you’ve been doing lately.”
Suckng in my lips, I put my fork down.
“That and ignoring me.” He motioned to my tray. “Eat.”
“I’m not hungry,” I said softly.
“I didn’t remember asking if you were.”
The tension in the room increased. I wrung my hands together in my lap.
“No.” The word slipped out befo...

... middle of paper ...

...“Who are your parents?”
“I don’t-” I choked back a sob. “h-have any.”
“No one wants a hybrid. Do they Alex?”
Breathing deeply, I nodded.
“But I’ll take care of you. I always have.” His hands gripped my shoulder. “And why is that, Alex?”
I glanced back over my shoulder. Sir’s face was inches from mine.
“Because you own me,” I whispered.
He smiled. “Good boy.” Looking to the men standing by the wall, he waved his hand. “Drop him.”
Relief flooded my body. My arms fell forward, and I followed. He actually was going to stop. Never once had he actually ever not thoroughly punished me, even when I begged. Sitting on my knees, I gasped for air and waited for my heart rate to settle.
Sir knelt beside me and removed the shackles from my wrists. “There, there Alex. Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you.” He sat me up and did something he’s never done.
He hugged me.

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