The Floor Is Brown And Tiled Essay

The Floor Is Brown And Tiled Essay

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I opened the transparent, glass door. The floor is brown and tiled. My shoes squeak on the freshly mopped floor as I walk past an array of packaged snacks, packaged coffee beans for sale, and the collection of sandwiches and desserts in the glass shelf. A smiling bald man, passionately welcomes me. I glance at the blackboard menu even though I already know what I want to order. There’s many drinks ranging from tea, cappuccinos, and to the new double fudge bar frappe.
“What could I get for you today?” he asks patiently.
I respond saying, “venti coffee with light cream and sugar.”
The aromatic smell of the espresso fills my senses as I walk to pick up my coffee. I grab the tall, white coffee cup, holding onto the rough textured, cardboard sleeve. I go to find a seat. Starbucks looks more like a living room, rather than a shop. I take a seat in the corner, on a light brown leather chair with coffee stains and wooden arms. I look around and see people of all ages. Some in groups and some alone. Starbucks is more than just a shop to buy coffee, it’s a gathering place to socialize, study, and relax.

Nykiel 2
I take a sip and a comforting layer of rich coffee and warmth trickles down my throat. There’s a particular group of young, teenage girls that catch my attention. There’s three of them. All dressed in ripped jean shorts, flipflops, and tank tops. I hear them laughing and giggling. Their faces fill with joy and
bright smiles. Next to them I notice two older men. Both drinking hot coffee and indulging in a muffin. They wore black ironed pants, with a shirt and red tie. One man had a leather briefcase so I’m assuming they were talking about work. I see a young woman and her husband talking in spanish and their daughter...

... middle of paper ... up my coffee taking small sips. The dark lighting makes the atmosphere here feel cozy and peaceful. I just sit and listen. I overhear a teenage guy listening to rap on his headphones. His head banging back and forth like a metronome and his lips mouthing the lyrics. All these people seem fulfilled with themselves and at peace. To some, these people may seem lonely, like an astronaut. However, to themselves and I they are heavily relaxed and enjoying their time alone. I feed off their positive energy and become relaxed as well.
In conclusion, through my observations of all kinds of people at Starbucks I have learned that Starbucks can make an impact in your day. Some go with friends to connect and create a stronger

Nykiel 4
bond. While others are there to study and work. It is also, just a great place to go and relax and find inner peace with yourself.

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