Essay The Flood Of The Mississippi River

Essay The Flood Of The Mississippi River

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The Mississippi river is a Powerful and Ancient river that has changed very much over the millennia it’s been around. The Atchafalaya, which is a distributary of the Mississippi river had to be controlled by building dams and levees in the early 60’s and is still being monitored today. The Atchafalaya was beginning to divert the water in the Mississippi river to it and many people in the United States did not want this as it would virtually destroy the port cities along the Mississippi and therefore destroy the United States economy. This also meant that the amount of sediment flowing downstream would be affected as well. “These dams trap about 100–150 million metric tons per year, which represent about half the decrease in sediment discharge near the mouth of the Mississippi (Hydrological processes 1).”
The Mississippi rivers flooding and navigation systems are checked and maintained by the Mississippi River Commission. This group is made up of both military and civilian personnel. This group in a statue by congress was commissioned to maintain these systems. The commissions main goal is to improve the state of the Mississippi river and its commerce. “Upon Their Shoulders is the story of complicated, intricate, and sometimes conflicting forces confronting the private, local, state, and Federal agencies charged with improving and managing this indispensable resource. (Camillo and Pearcy)”
The Army Corps of Engineers were commissioned to construct the dams and levees that would control the river. The reason that the Corps is involved in this construction is to ensure the safety of the Nation and to prevent another war of 1812 or something similar to this. The corps were tasked with because of the overall importance that...

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...realize how futile their goal of controlling the Mississippi really was. The Old River Control Structure was shaking violently during this and many parts of it failed or were rendered useless by the powerful and raging flood waters. Part of the reason for the unstableness of the structure was it being built on cavities of water not a solid foundation. Having the gates open to reduce the amount of flooding and to also reduce the stress on the structure led to the deepening of the Atchafalaya further increasing its size of percent of the Mississippi that it diverted and stole. “In 1973 the low-sill structure, which is part of the ORCS, was almost undermined and destroyed. “(Kazmann, Johnson)
Some of the damage caused to the structure was because of barges slamming into the structure and staying there for weeks and months at a time. After the flood waters receded

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