Flood Hazard and Emergency Response Route Scenario in Olympia, Washington, U.S.

Flood Hazard and Emergency Response Route Scenario in Olympia, Washington, U.S.

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Planet Earth is a miracle, an anomaly within our universe that allows for the growth of diverse natural organisms and beautiful scenery. However, with this great beauty comes natural hazards that can be detrimental to the continued survival of the organisms that inhabit the surface and oceans alike. These disasters can arrive with little warning and completely disrupt the operation of society. The need to plan for potential complex emergencies will continue to rise as long as natural hazards continue to occur along with the human population increasing and seasonal weather intensifying with climate change.
The use of geographic information systems are quickly becoming the most powerful processing tools for spatial and many other types of quantitative data about our world. It has proven to professionals that it can help save time and lives by managing efficient information about natural hazards and the human populations affected by them. However, it’s up to humanity to respond to these disasters and be as prepared as possible. This report and analysis will seek to explore efficient route analysis for emergency vehicles and the public affected by a flooding disaster in a small geographic area. The background of GIS’s integration into the decision support structure, the current and evolving methods for managing data associated with emergency response, and the current modeling of natural hazards and response efforts will also be explored through previous accomplishments.
The definition of disaster has historically been perceived as random acts of nature, symbolized by extremes in physical processes (Zerger, 2002). While that is a broad definition, it is a fact that natural disasters have caused untold amounts of damage to the economi...

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