Flipped Classrooms : The Flipped Classroom Essay

Flipped Classrooms : The Flipped Classroom Essay

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Many teachers have begun using the flipped classroom model in their high schools. This new teaching approach has proven to be quite controversial among students, parents, teachers, and other school staff. Each individual’s values affect whether or not he or she believes high schools should utilize the flipped classroom model. This essay will first describe what a typical flipped classroom looks like; then, it will explain how certain values, such as individualized learning, responsibility and student ownership, equal opportunity, and face-to-face interactions, influence views about high schools employing the flipped classrooms model in their courses.
What is a flipped classroom?
The flipped classroom is “a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.” In a standard flipped classroom, instead of teachers giving lectures during class time, students watch lectures via video at home. Some teachers create their own video lectures while others use videos that they find online. Students then do work that is traditionally homework, such as exercises, projects, and other assignment, inside the classroom in a collaborative setting. (CLOSING SENTENCE – intended purpose of flipped classrooms / who invented flipped classes?)
Value 1: Individualized Learning
Those who value individualized learning tend to support the (implementation) of flipped classrooms in high schools. All students retain information differently, and Flipped classroom enable students to learn at their own pace. Some students have to go over material multiple times before understanding something. These students can rewind the lecture videos and focus on specific content until they understand it without having to worry about t...

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...sroom, everyone would be given an equal amount of time to learn the material being taught. (Closing sentence – wrap up equal opportunity)
Value 4: Face-to-Face Interactions
Many opponents of the flipped classroom model value personal, face-to-face interactions, especially when delivering lectures. Many teachers use body language and facial expressions to cue whether or not their students are understanding what they are trying to teach. If the teacher get the impression that their initial approach is not working, they will change their teaching strategy. With video lectures, teachers do not get the same sort of feedback from their students, so it is harder for them to determine whether the lecture is effective or not.
(Students also lose the ability to ask for immediate clarifications when they don’t understand something….Process but not explanation (Khan Academy). )

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