Essay on Flickr, Mediafire, Instagram and Shutterfly

Essay on Flickr, Mediafire, Instagram and Shutterfly

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Flickr is an image and file hosting site created by Ludicorp in 2004, a Vancouver-based company founded by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fakeand. The company was later acquired by Yahoo in 2005. It is a popular site used by bloggers, photo researchers, and the online communities in general to share, post, customize, and store personal photographs.
There are three types of accounts that users can sign up for using Flicker. When applying for the basic version of the service, there is no cost. This free version of Flickr allows users to upload up to one terabyte of data through their entire life of using an account. The one terabyte, however, is limited to 200MB per photo and 1GB per video. Videos, fortunately, can be uploaded with a maximum resolution of 1080p. With 1080p resolution, videos come out clear, bright, and vivid. In the other hand, there is the Ad free option to the service. The Ad free choice allows subscribers to avoid advertisement for an annual fee. This means that there will be no annoying advertisements when users try to upload, view, or share content. This benefit costs a low fee of $49.99 a year and receives all the benefits of a free account.
Fortunately, Flickr has a variety of options for a user. One of these options allows users to make their content private. The feature enables people to prioritize what they want to allows the public and friends to see. Another feature is the ability to edit uploaded photos. Photos can be edited with easy to use tools at a novice scale. The tool is not as great as professional software like Photoshop, but it still provides a cool and useful feature for account holders.
In conclusion Flicker is an excellent site that was acquired by Yahoo. It offers...

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