Essay about Flexilble Integration Model for the EU

Essay about Flexilble Integration Model for the EU

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It has a supranational character
It could be used for the policies in the first pillar of the EU.
There is a “time” factor for the EU states for integrating the EU policies.
In Lisbon Treaty, there are some examples of multi-speed Europe. (Stregthened enhanced cooperation between members states, the choice for Member states for not to be part of Eurozone or Schenge area. Enlargement strategy is changed. After the negotiation process there is a pre-negotiation process.)(Gürsel, Dedeoğlu, 2010, p.131.)
This models could be evaluated in the case of when Turkey becomes a memberstate
This model could be useful for balancing the internal dynamics of the EU. Turkey’s integration process to the Union would be easer in a multi-speed Europe. Turkey would not be in all of the common policies and will join the policies by the time in parallel to its integration capacity. Also, member-states can be opt-out from the policies which they do not want to be in. Multi-speed Europe model also would be positive for the core countries in the EU. This model will help the balance of power in the EU. Turkey’s accession is a big challenge for core countries and this model will give a time for Turkey to be “more” in the EU.
Turkey has big economic capacity and could be stronger in a middle term and could be one of the core countries in the EU. Therefore Turkey could be another polar in the EU like U.K. Versus Franco-German axis.
“Avant-garde Europe” is a France origin model and envisions a Union that is formed by member states of which represent the “avant-garde)
Delors put forward this model. Delors believes that a “super state” and a “EU in the EU” is trying to create including France.
The avant-garde group will create a stong European identi...

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