Essay about Flaws Of The American Political System

Essay about Flaws Of The American Political System

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One of the flaws in the American political system is the apathy shown by many citizens towards the power they have with elections. A famous quote from Thomas Jefferson states, “Cherish the spirit of your people and keep alive their attention . . . if once they become inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves” (qtd. in Beinart 143). This quote means that when we as a country stop voting, we are giving up our right to have control over the decisions of our countries policies and lawmakers. If people are not voting, only a small select group of people are making the decisions for the whole country., notes that America ranks only 138th in voter turnout of 172 nations with an average of only 47% of the population voting in each election.
The article “Who Votes, Who Doesn’t, and Why” by the Pew Research Center explains several reasons why many Americans do not vote. First, many do not believe that their vote will make a difference in the outcome of an election, but if half of America does not vote because of this, a huge difference is made. Another reason is that over half of Americans do not feel that they are educated enough on politics or the candidates to vote effectively, which shows that America should spend more time on educating citizens about the American political system (Who Votes, Who Doesn’t, and Why).There are also many people that find difficulty in accessing the polling locations due to various circumstances such as lack of available locations, lack of transportation, work, etc. Very few young adults are registered to vote as well, which is the main reason why they do not vote often. To fix the lack of voting in America, many profes...

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...issue of voting is in America, it is hard to say that one method would work better than any other. Some things may only work for some people due to the large variety of people who live in our country. This means that we need to develop a combination of several of these policies to meet as many needs as possible. Following after other countries policies that are already in place and work well would be a great start at fixing out voting system. Although, we would not want to follow the countries that implement compulsory voting. This method will get the choices of every citizen, but many citizens may be misinformed and may not always elect the best person for a position. Combining solutions for our registration and voting process is the best solution to the lack of voting among American citizens. These changes need to be made quickly before the problem gets even worse.

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