Essay on The Flaws Of Shakespeare 's Hamlet

Essay on The Flaws Of Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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In today’s society, William Shakespeare’s tragedy plays fascinate readers by highlighting characters’ flaws that lead them to their downfall. In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare demonstrates the characters’ flaws make individuals victims of their own. According to Aristotle,
“Men were full of self-control and were, therefore, responsible for their own actions. It was the tragic heroes’ own actions, then, that brought about the chaos and tragic events” (“Aristotle’s Poetics”). To display the characters’ flaws, Shakespeare uses three main characters: Hamlet, Ophelia, and Claudius. Hamlet’s downfall is demonstrated through his flaw of inaction. Ophelia lacks self-confidence and opinion, and has to obey men like her father, Polonius. Claudius’s greed for power is the reason for his tragic fall. In Shakespeare tragic play Hamlet, the characters’ flaws of Hamlet, Ophelia, and Claudius makes them victims of their flaw. Hamlet lacks the ability to take action towards his goal, whereas Ophelia has no free will and follows men like Polonius, while Claudius follows his greed of power.
Shakespeare displays Hamlet as the protagonist. He describes Hamlet having a conflict with himself that prevents him to accomplish his goal to avenge his father’s death. In his soliloquy, he is talking about the conflicts between himself and says:
“To be, not to be? That is question-/Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer/The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,/Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, /And, by opposing, end them? To die, to sleep - /No more – and by a sleep to say we end /The heartache and the thousand natural shocks/That flesh is heir to – ‘tis a consumption/Devoutly to be wished! To die, to sleep”(3,1, 57-65).
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...or characters influenced by the greed of power. Hence, Claudius falls victim to his greed of power because he loses everything in the end of the play.
In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Shakespeare displays the character flaws of Hamlet, Ophelia and Claudius and their downfall. Hamlet’s inability to take action leads him to his demise, Ophelia follows Polonius, not her own will and Claudius is an antagonist who let his greed of power control him. Therefore, Shakespeare displays Hamlet’s tragic fall from his flaw of inaction. , whereas Ophelia’s flaw of having no free will leads to her downfall. Finally, Claudius meets his own demise from his greed of power. Shakespeare intends to make the characters’ flaws of Hamlet, Ophelia, and Claudius stand out in his play Hamlet. In conclusion, Shakespeare focuses our attention on how the characters become victims of their own flaws.

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