The Flawed Electoral College System Essay

The Flawed Electoral College System Essay

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There are quite a few criticisms that surround the Electoral College system. In the next few paragraphs we are going to explore some of these criticisms and some of the advantages and disadvantages of various reform proposals.
One major criticism that we faced and still face today is why not vote by popular vote instead of rely on the Electoral votes. Well one of the reasons being is that states like Wyoming or Idaho benefit from it and would not like to change it. Every state gets 3 eletors, and due to this the states with low population would have a stronger political power than if they used a vote by popularity vote. This is due to the number of voters per elector is 4 times smaller in those less poplulated than the states with a huge population. It does not help that most of the low populated states are also Republican which adds to the difficulty of them not wanting to implement change. Voting by popularity would eliminate the current bias that is in favor of the Republicans.
Another criticism of the Electoral College is it’s winner take all character. Florida gets 25 electoral votes and had they split 13 to George Bush and 12 to Al Gore, then Al Gore would have become president instead of George Bush. The constitution has nothing in it that mandates winner take all. State law regulates the choosing of electors. In fact in Nebraska and Maine they do not use winner takes all, what they do is the winner of each congressional district gets one elector and the winner of the state as a whole gets two additional electors. Any state that wants to adopt this way only has to pass a state law to do so. No constitutional amendment is required to do this.
There is another criticism which is the faithless elector proble...

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...ates that already do this. This would allow the smaller states to be winner take all.
There are many more reform proposal’s out there that can be put into effect. It all comes down to the difficulty in enacting them versus how it will affect the smaller states on how they have it now. I have to believe that this is why we have not had any changes to date on how the electoral votes work within our government. Unless they can come up with a way that will allow the smaller states to not lose the power they currently hold, I do not believe we will have change in this area.

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