Essay on Flat Art Exhibition: Lost but not Forgotten

Essay on Flat Art Exhibition: Lost but not Forgotten

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Ben Morris is a representational artist who is currently attending the University of Regina where his art work called “Lost but not Forgotten” was shown in the fifth parallel gallery during the exhibition declared at “flat art”, which ran from March fourth to the twenty-first in 2014. Within the medium of oil paint, along with being painted on canvas “lost but not forgotten” by Ben Morris draws a person eye to the ground, which consists of a blue table pushed against a brown wall. Now in the fore-ground a person would see the tail side of a quarter which is dated at the year 2010. Bent over holding the quarter in place is a lego man, whose shadow extends to the wall containing a waist up reflection. As a person continues to search this painting they will come upon a smirk on the lego man’s face. When analyzing art work a person will need to spend an exceptional amount of time to grasp the exact intention/ meaning along with bring themselves to questions about the art, such as what is the content the artist is presenting, does the art work present a strong representation of form, lastly a person should be able to add their own personal feelings explain how the painting made them feel. In the painting lost but not forgotten by Ben Morris’s a person will be able to look upon an art piece and see such implications, due to the use of a shadow eluding to the wall, the year of the quarter being held by a lego man as well as the prodding smirk upon the lego mans face.
Creating a sense of past to present feel. Ben Morris uses a shawdow of the lego man which extends to the wall because it embeishes the painting with the sensation of how unpopular lego once was to its its reformed booming popularity. The aritist made excellent use of t...

... middle of paper ...

...odern day mocking of how an artist feel towards Legos past to present existence along with the decisions they have made. Now after the full breakdown of the small elements shadow, quarter and smirk the artist goal was very well achieved along with honing the right of his art work to be objective art, as it propels itself to poke fun at lego and its ill-wise choice and formidable growth. The artist did succeed on connecting the audience to this idea in its context. Furthermore, as an ending though; this art piece was very original in the aspect of what the artist was trying to convey along with their attempt to join the group of objective artists. After having the chance to observe the painting by Ben Weiss I have came to the conclusion that is was an absolute delight along with it gives you the chance to see a new way to express your opinions, thank you Ben Weiss.

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