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Flannery O ' Connor 's Life Essay

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Flannery O’Connor was a unique writer whose personal life was as unusual as her short stories. From her zealous and strict Catholic faith, to her love of peacocks, she is possibly the most interesting female writers of the 20th century. It takes a bold writer to put religion into their writing and it takes and even bolder one to be a female writer and put religion into their writing. Not only was Flannery O’Connor a bold writer, she set the bar for the writers of her present time and of the future. Her battle with lupus tested her faith and her diligence toward writing on numerous occasions and although in the end it took her life, the life of her work continues to live on.
Flannery O’Connor or Mary Flannery O’Connor was born in Georgia, the go to state for the best peaches in the country. Specifically she was born March 25th, 1925, in Savannah Georgia to Edward Francis Jr. and Regina Cline O’Connor. When she was five years old she taught two chickens to walk backwards as fluidly they walked forward which got her in Britain’s Pathe News. This was the first time she was featured in the newspaper and it wouldn’t be the last. When Flannery O’Connor was fifteen years old her father passed from the disease known as lupus which left Flannery O’Conner and her mother Regina O’Connor alone together. She went to St. Vincent’s Catholic Parochial School until she was fifteen years old. Months after turning fifteen her father Edward O’Connor died of the disease known as lupus, leaving Flannery and Regina O’Connor alone. Shortly after her father’s passing her mother moved them to Milledgeville, Georgia. Flannery O’Connor went to Peabody High School where she graduated in 1942. She attended Georgia College formerly known in Flannery O’C...

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... days, Flannery O’Connor died from lupus. Her mother however continued to live on until her death in 1995; she lived to be 99 years old.
Flannery O’Connor was a writer who accomplished so much in her 39 years on this earth. She was one of the most well known female authors of her time and her work continues to live on. The Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction is an example of how what she has done has affected the way writers write. She had an unusual fervor towards religion and how she perceived the world to be but that was just Flannery O’Connor and the world loved her for that. Without Flannery O’Connor there wouldn’t be as many bold writers that stay true to their beliefs and don’t conform to the “niceness” of writing things that don’t offend anyone. She believed in the truth and she wasn’t afraid to write it, which offended some but was appreciated by many.

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