FixItNow Case Stusy Essay

FixItNow Case Stusy Essay

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Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Business Background of FIN 5
Definition of Information System 5
Importance of Information System 6
Roles of Information System 6
Problems Faced at FIN 7
Necessary Steps to Avoid these Problems: 7
Michael Porter’s Five Competitive Force Model 8
Information Requirement for FIN 9
Enterprise Resource planning (ERP): 9
Ethical issues for implementation of Information System 9
Changes to be considered during Implementing Information System 10
Recommendation 11
Conclusion 11
Referencing 12

Executive Summary

FixItNow is a SME asserted and run by Adam Smith and his more energetic siblings. Day by day the business execution improved and the business depleted an incredible arrangement. However as the business extended they started going up against issues which started heads in plunge of profits.

This reports also covers about what steps FIN can bring in managing its business is later times. The business structure of FIN, and also FIN's issues has been analysed in this report and what are the necessary steps they can take to wiping out those issues. The significance of MIS and its all involved deck and also its part. The policies FIN should take to expand to great circumstances. In this report we propose FIN should utilize ERP structure in their business. The key usage of computer network, both intranet & web. How FIN can use these network to make practical correspondence with both suppliers and customers.

Familiarity which highlights on information system should endeavour to gather required information for decision making. As an aftereffect of far reaching change ready to go establishment and ascent of machines and web, the business structure and obl...

... middle of paper ...

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