Five Things Newly Registered Respiratory Therapists Should Know About RT-CEUs

Five Things Newly Registered Respiratory Therapists Should Know About RT-CEUs

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Licensed respiratory therapists (RT) have several duties and responsibilities when it comes to keeping their competence through continuing education. RTs have the commitment to life-long education in order to enhance their skills and knowledge and keep their professional practice updated. They shall assume responsibility for keeping competence in the practice of respiratory therapy by seeking opportunities to grow professionally.

A respiratory therapist must always strive for excellence in their profession. This is done by participating in, and utilizing self-assessment tools to determine skills, knowledge and judgment. Another way is by getting feedback from appropriate sources. As part of their duty, there are several things newly licensed or registered RTs should know when it comes to continuing education and respiratory therapist CEUs.

1. Continuing education for respiratory therapist is required by law.
All RTs renewing their registration are required to complete a number of RT CEUs. Starting January 1, 2003, they should take 30 hour...

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