The Five Principles That Help Us Understand The Concept Of Deviance Essay

The Five Principles That Help Us Understand The Concept Of Deviance Essay

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1) State the five principles that help us understand the concept of deviance.
The five principles that help us understand social deviance. Deviance is socially constructed, deviance is relative, not absolute, the majority determines who and what is deviant, deviance is an integral part of all societies, and the violators of important social norms are often stigmatized. Firstly, deviance is socially constructed because deviant behavior violates the norms of a group. Social organizations create what is correct and incorrect by originating norms and a person could violate this which is deviant. Secondly, deviance is relative, not absolute means that whether an act is deviant depends on how other people react to it. Differences in knowing what is wrong or right varies from society to society. An example would be how in Egyptian royalty it would be required to marry their siblings, but in European royalty this would be seen as prohibited because it is incest and sinful. Another example is that marriage is encouraged but considered a deviant by many if it is two consenting adults of the same sex who want to marry. There are many arguments and differences in opinion over smoking marijuana and pornography. Thirdly, the majority determines who and what is deviant, is when certain social groups have greater power than others in defining what is deviant. An example of this would be when people commit street comes and those who commit white collar-crimes. They are both harmful for society, but the crimes committed by the rich are not handled similarly as the powerless who committed crimes. Fourthly, deviance is an integral part of all healthy societies, meaning that deviant behavior does have positive consequences for our society because it ...

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...ts, and ex-convicts have a difficult time finding employment and establishing relationships because of the label.
Conflict theorists emphasize corporate and political crimes, which cause more economic damage and harm to people than street crimes. Certain behavior is defined as deviant because conflict theorists believe that powerful economic interest groups are able to get laws passed and enforced that protect their interests. Criminal laws are the results among the public of what kinds of behaviors are wrong and should be punished such as murder, rape, or theft. These laws are nondiscriminatory because they do not single out a social category. Though there are laws that discriminate because they result from special interests using their power. The poor, minorities, and youth rarely have access to the lawmaking process and often find laws are unfairly aimed at them.

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