Essay on The Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

Essay on The Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

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The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership consist of five ways that anyone can follow to become a leader. The five practices are based upon extensive research and expertise. Although the five practices we have been reading about applied specifically to student leaders, anyone can follow the five steps to leadership to be an exemplary leader. The five practices include Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision. Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.
“Model the Way” is the first of the five practices. It is about achieving small wins to help complex change happen. To find your voice in Model the Way, values are your guides that are used for motivation and focus. The personal values of others are taken into account and you use the guide of past leaders to establish a voice for yourself. Once you have a voice, Model the Way says that you should express yourself in your own words to seem more genuine. Also, all of your actions should be aligned with your set values. This practice can be used by an organization amongst regional leaders or managers because they can set an example for how the employees should act while they’re on the job. Even the general employees can set examples for their coworkers.The managers can also let the employees know of the values of the whole company to motivate the worker each day while also using their own personal values to focus and motivate themselves. Using this practice is beneficial because it allows different leaders to rise up and stand for what they believe in. It gives potential leaders a clear focus once they are able to find a voice for themselves. It also teaches aspiring leaders to be their self. By using their own words to express themselves, leaders will have an ...

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...munity. This could be used by Sally when she goes to check up on David’s progress with his projects and assignments. She could offer him encouraging words for the progress he made so far. She could create a spirit of community within her team by having small parties or food events where everyone could come together to celebrate and share their successes. This would be beneficial because it would encourage workers to be the best in everything that they do. It gives them incentives to work towards and builds their confidence if they think their boss likes what they are doing. It also creates a warm environment for the team. No one likes working at a place that they hate, but if the workers enjoyed their work environment, they would be happy to go in. There are many more things Sally could do with her leadership position that would benefit her team as well as herself.

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