Essay on The Five Phases to Provide Effective Nursing Care

Essay on The Five Phases to Provide Effective Nursing Care

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Introduction The nursing process consists of five Phases; Assessing, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluating. The process was developed by Ida Jean Orlando in 1958 as she observed that that the patient need to be the most important part of the nurse’s care and the nursing care should be directed at improving the result of patient’s care instead of the nursing goals (Camilleri,2013) .The notion of nursing process occurred in the United States throughout the yeas of the 1960s, the nursing process was formed by the American context but then it was sent to the United Kingdom in a limited form, and there it was altered to accommodate a different context. (Cuesta, 1983)., The nursing process is used as to help assess the patients’ needs and also help to produce a sequence of actions to report and resolve the patient problems. The nursing process neither a model nor a philosophy as it is something defined but it is basically a process of logical thinking and it needs to be practiced by nurses as it is the common part of practice that unitise different types of nurses who work in different areas as the vital part of practice for the nurses is to deliver holistic, patient-focused care. (Roper, Logan, Tierany, 1996 p.51).

Assessing Assessing is the first phase of the nursing process, and it refers to the ones ability of identifying the ongoing nature of the condition. Assessment includes; the collecting of data from the patient or regarding the patient for examples one’s vital signs , the reviewing of the collected information , recognising of the patients problem , and also detecting of the significances among problems. Any information for patients assessment can be retrieved by observing, ques...

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