The Five Main Marketing Concepts Essay

The Five Main Marketing Concepts Essay

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DEAL FITNESS is one of the best clubs which provides its customers with well
developed programs for people of all shapes and sizes with highly specialized equipments and in the guidance of professional trainers, we not only concentrate on physical strength and fitness but also helps one to cope up with daily mental stress and help in relaxation through yoga, massage and aerobics, so after a hectic and stressful day at work one can come and relax their mind and body through various activities that our club provides such as swimming, tennis, scotch and many more so that our members can live healthy and a happy life style.

Targeted Customers: Fitness is very important to live a healthy life style, as we all know a very famous saying "health is wealth" so without health we lose our abilities to live to the fullest. And thus Ideal Fitness make our customers attentive of their health condition and make them realize how important is to take care of it, we target our youth who is the most willing and enthusiastic to stay fit and we encourage them to do so by providing them with the best facilities in the district. WE motivate them so no matter how hectic their daily routine are they will still take some time for exercise as we all know we have to be regular for maximum fitness results. That is why we keep reminding our customers that "SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT EXERCISE MAKES ONE WEAK". Secondly we believe there is no age limit and thus even persuade the workaholics who do sense their h...

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...g and give results for short time period.
3. THE SOCIAL MARKETING CONCEPT: This type of concept focuses on the well being of both the customers and the society so therefore before taking any marketing decision they first try to concentrate on needs and wants of the targeted market and according to that carry out the decisions, they also take into consideration the society's long run interest and value such as environmental impact and social services that benefits both society and the customers as a whole.
4. THE PRODUCTION CONCEPT: This concept believes the philosophy that the product creates its own demands i.e. customer tend to purchase those products that are easily available in the market and are not that expensive so therefore company's following this concept concentrated on high production efficiency with low cost and mass distributions .

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