Essay on The Five Main Components of Language

Essay on The Five Main Components of Language

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Language is a multifaceted system made up symbols and signals that a group has agreed upon to use, in order to express feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and experiences (Owens, 2012). Rules are utilized in the complex system and yet, language has been and still is evolving in different subgroups of people. To understand the make-up of language there are five imperative pieces to the puzzle, to include phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology, and pragmatics. Each of these components plays a crucial role in the building and functionality of language as a whole.
The first component of language to understand is syntax, which involves rules that govern word order, sentence organization, and the connection between words (Owens, 2012). Syntax allows a person to recognize what is a complete sentence and what is not a complete sentence. It guides us by providing what is required in the equation to making a comprehensible phrase (Owens, 2012). For example, a sentence has to include a verb phrase and noun phrase. A following sentence, “The girl planted the seeds”, follows the rules of syntax and therefore is recognized as a correct sentence. The rules given allow people to recognize a sentence like, “Planted the seeds the girl”, as incorrect.
Another component of language is morphology, which deals with the inner organization of words (Owens, 2012). Words are comprised of morphemes and morphemes are the tiniest grammatical units of meaning. Examples of morphemes include base words, such as “dog”, “toy”, “love”, and “cat”. When you break either of these words down, they do not mean anything or the meaning of the divided letters means something entirely different than when combined. This can be seen when you break down the word “dog”. Bound mo...

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...”, and allow one to respond appropriately. It involves understanding the speakers’ intent and knowing the difference between different types of sentences; declarative, question, etc. It also involves the audience in which we are communicating with, being that we speak differently to our parents than we do with our friends (Owens, 2012).
Each of the five components of language is complex and important in the big scheme of language. It should be noted that they each intertwine with one another and make the product of language possible and communication possible. Much weight lies with the native speakers of each language, for it is with them that rules are established and set forth. It can be argued that humans are born with the inheritable trait to communicate but it the structure and common understanding and agreement that makes language and communication possible.

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