The Five Key Concepts from Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and Nineteen in Funder's Textbook

The Five Key Concepts from Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen and Nineteen in Funder's Textbook

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss five key concepts from chapters fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and nineteen in Funder’s (2013) textbook. Specifically, I will discuss the frustration-aggression hypothesis, defensive pessimism and the declarative-self concerning self-esteem. Next I will cover improving self-knowledge and that personality is a multi-faceted ideal more complex than some might realize. I will use my previous subject, M.B. and extrapolate on these concepts with specific examples from the experiences and behaviors of the subject.
Chapter fifteen introduced the concept of the frustration-aggression hypothesis. In essence, the subject displaces anger or frustration from disappointment. They will direct their emotions at people that are the not the cause of the negativity. For example, M.B., when he moved back up from California experience troubles getting his final paycheck deposited it to his bank. Over the next few days, as the proverbial red tape began to mount, so did his anger. M.B. never told his former boss or the bank officials he was frustrated of the confusion and missteps in the process to get his money. However, he took it out on me. He was in the kitchen making coffee when he realized his creamer was gone. M.B. comes storming down the hall wondering why I used his creamer. My husband and I do not drink coffee. The creamer was only in the house because he was staying with us. M.B., may have been feeling stressed by his financial situation, but clearly the creamer and I had nothing to do with that.
This brings to me to defensive pessimism in chapter sixteen. This theory suggests that some people will see the most negative outcome to a situation as a way to cope with the fears and anxiety they are experien...

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...its. For example, his defensive pessimism, I used to think was an unfavorable trait. I saw it as negative and uncontrolled emotions. I now understand it is a safe guard for his emotions that is a key part to his stability after the situational outcome.
I conclusion, unit five wrapped up a long line of dangling questions for me. Concepts from the first 4 units began to click into place into a more solid understanding of M.B. For each behavior I assessed and scrutinized, there became more obvious motivations. The motivations themselves are the foundation to understating the behaviors and assessing them not only correctly, but fairly. Not everything a person may do that appears as bad behavior is truly bad. Even motivations for good behavior can cancel out the intention. Through Funder’s words, I see M.B. as a full, sentient entity and not a list of arbitrary traits.

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