Five Ideal-Typical Traits or Values as Part of Journalisms’ Ideology Essay

Five Ideal-Typical Traits or Values as Part of Journalisms’ Ideology Essay

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At November 2013, a student of University of Indonesia, later known by her alias RW, reported an Indonesian famous poet, Sitok Srengenge to police. Sitok was accused of raping and impregnating RW. Sitok is an active poet and curator of Salihara, a cultural and art community owned by Tempo, one of giant media group in Indonesia. Starts from this case, Indonesian news media, especially online news, were in race to expose the story. Those online news media framed this case from different angle and point of view. Ironically, Tempo, which strongly supported a raped female journalist in Jakarta to speak out a few months before this case, framed their publication by taking role as Sitok’s supporter.

As described by Golding and Elliot (1979), Merritt (1995), and Kovach and Rosenstiel (2001), there are five ideal-typical traits or values as part of journalisms’ ideology: public service, objectivity, autonomy, immediacy and ethics. By taking a stance to a sexual crime actor side, this paper will explain that Tempo does not deliver journalism, but instead violates their public service, objectivity, autonomy and ethics values. Furthermore, this paper will prove the evidence how Tempo framed Sitok’s case publicity by highlighting news title, content and news sources compare to other Indonesian online news media.

Robert Entman (1993) defined that media framing encompasses two points, which are issue selection and emphasizing of certain aspects of an issue. From those two points, it can be inferred how political attitude or ideology of a media exists. There are some locations of news where framing is usually activated, such as news title, news focus and news closing. The purpose of the news framing is able to identify based on the framing loc...

... middle of paper ...

...s point, the alternative information is able to delegitimize mainstream media contents or fail to show its power as trusted and reliable information.

The journalism duty is more than reporting news. The journalist also frame and interpret news in order to shape public opinion. The journalism is also tied by several values. This paper has showed how a notable media due to media ownership affair loses its objectivity by framing its publication toward a rape case by a poet toward a university student. The news title comparison between Tempo and other online media is the main tool for analyzing the news framing. The analysis clearly showed that Tempo is bias and do not support humanity. A rape case is not private matter, but society problem instead. The journalism as an ethical public service and have the autonomy should always tell the truth and defend the humanity.

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