Essay on Five Dimensions Of Wellness Programs

Essay on Five Dimensions Of Wellness Programs

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As someone who is in charge of the wellness program here at UIW, my job is to oversee all the aspects and find out what needs amending or implementation. There are six dimensions of wellness and each one has their benefits. The purpose is to take a look at each dimension of wellness and try to make some improvements for the staff and students.
The University of the Incarnate Word has an excellent wellness program dedicated to their faculty and staff. They are offered a wide range of services. They also focus on multiple sections of wellness such as emotional, physical, social, environmental, spiritual, and intellectual. These multiple dimensions of wellness are for the overall wellbeing of their faculty and staff. In their website, it states that their mission is to "promote health of spirit, mind, and body across the UIW community, and nurture new models of and leaders in health and wellness." (Employee Wellness, n.d.)
The first dimension we will take a look at will be physical wellness. Physical wellness means the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I see that Incarnate Word already has an excellent fitness program. The services they offer there are a cardiovascular and aerobics exercise room, strength training room, three racquetball courts, indoor basketball court, and group exercise classes. Not only is it offered to the faculty and staff, but to the students as well. I noticed that they have a discounted fee for anyone who works or attends at the University, which is a huge benefit for those students who are on a low budget. When I compared it to other company wellness programs, I noticed that UIW was not that far off. I would think to add more times offered for the group exercise programs. In their websit...

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...d more functions that involve bonding with your coworkers. There should be certain theme days where people can dress up. This would be meant to let people have some enjoyment in their worktime. I would also like to schedule luncheons so that co-workers can get to know each other more, especially new ones that recently get hired. Even trust exercises among the staff would allow coworkers to be able depend on one another. Things of this nature would not only help people with the stress that their job comes with, but it would also help boost the moral.
All in all, my belief is that the University of Incarnate Word already has a great wellness program at their facility. The purpose of this paper was to take a look at each dimension of wellness and see what needs modifying or implementing. In the end, I feel as though UIW has a great setup that only needed minor touches.

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