The Five Critical Component Of A Creative Work Environment Essay

The Five Critical Component Of A Creative Work Environment Essay

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Innovation has become a critical element for a business to be successful. More emphasis is placed on creativity as it is the core that drives innovation within a company. Businesses must provide a conducive work environment to produce and grow a creativity amongst its employees. We will discuss the five critical component to a creative work environment which include challenging work, organization encouragement, supervisor encouragement, work group encouragement, lack of organization impediments and freedom.
Challenging work is an important motivator in the workplace. Challenging work provides a worker to be engaged, especially when it is deemed important by management. Employees must feel challenged to keep creative ideas flowing. With this it creates a positive flow. “When flow occurs you are and what you are doing become one” (Williams, 2017, p. 139). Furthermore, people like challenges when they believe they can meet the challenge, when management will support them in meeting the challenge, and recognize their efforts. Assign work that will stretch their abilities to encourage growth, but keep them small to be achievable for a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, not all work is naturally stimulating and challenging. However, strive to keep your employees motivated, by continually looking for way to keep their interest peaked and offering them new goals to meet.
Not all good ideas come from top management, sometimes you must get a different perspective from the bottom up. Consequently, management must allow its employees to share ideas and suggestions relating to work without being penalized if the ideas fail. As Williams (2017) stated, “organizational encouragement is encouraging workers to share ideas, evaluat...

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...epartments to accomplish work most efficiently throughout the day. However, workers are not assigned to specific job function, they asses the priorities in each area and make the decision to work where they are going to be most productive. At times, redirection is required and we use it as a training opportunity. We do everything we can to avoid micromanaging our staff as we cannot afford for someone to not to be part of the work itself.
In conclusion, supporting creative work environments will allow for employees to become a greater part of an organization. Encouragement on the part of management and supervisors plays a critical role in developing innovation within their business. At the same time, they are growing an autonomous workforce that can make real changes by taking risks to improving the overall business in effectively solving problems on their own.

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