The Fittest Body With Nutrition Essay

The Fittest Body With Nutrition Essay

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Fittest Body with Nutrition: Benefit of Mandatory Nutrition Education in Society
As living organisms, food is one of the resources that is essential to live and for the body to function normally. I believe every country around the world is faced with a nutritional issue due to economic, foods and environment because I have experience with health and nutrition issue in both developing and developed societies. During this semester, I plan to do research on the advantage and disadvantage of MNE (Mandatory Nutrition Education) and how disease related to obesity effect children and adult’s lives as well as concerning about mine, my families and society’s health and want to live a long life in this wonderful world. I interested in this topic because many countries focus on nutrition based on their social health, disease prevention, obesity issues and the knowledge of nutrition had have changed many society behaviors and concerns.
When I was in middle school in Northwestern Thailand, I still remember the time when many of the children and adults suffered from eating disorders, hypertension, malnutrition, type II diabetes, abnormal body development issues and other diseases that related to nutrition problems. Unfortunately, there was not enough food produced from farming and no mandatory nutrition education in the town. People in that town did not know about nutritional facts such as calories that food contained and there were a few export and import food products with a nutrition label on them. Though there might be the nutrition label on the product, we did not know what they are there for; plus did not know how to read the calories, fat, and sugars on the label. In the same way, many of Americans suffered from type II diabetes, hypert...

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...e food for their people and opponent will be those who does not concern about health care and obesity and local government in a small town in Thailand. It will be better to start with logo and ethos appeals to give the information about what caused the diseases that relate to nutritional issue and no nutrition education program seem like being in a different world where there is no light and hope for the children.
I am willing to learn more about this topic because I am very concerned about my nutrition and health issue and so do the other people as well. More importantly, I feel sympathize for the children who do not have nutrition education in their school due to the bad economy and other issue that they are facing like those in my hometown. Therefore, I believe that there are many benefit of MNE in our society to keep environment in a good condition and healthy.

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