Essay on The Fittest At A Young Age

Essay on The Fittest At A Young Age

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While Darwin may not have entered our lives until high school, we are taught the concept of the survival of the fittest at a young age. We become knowledgeable of the ideas of power and dominance through games on the playground, and social groups in high school. However, people do not think about these ideas of how our society functions with these activities alone. We develop our understanding of intersectionality and its relation to power by comparing our own circumstances with others. In my case, I believe my own understanding of our society came from my experience as a student in Japan.

Ever since I was a child, I have had the privilege to go to Japan annually because of my father’s work. Although the duration of these trips were around two weeks on average, there was a time eleven years ago that I had stayed in Japan for two months. During these two months, my mother had decided to sign me up to attend a Japanese elementary school. Here, I would experience school as my mother had, and pick up on a little more Japanese than I did at home. Surprisingly, what I l...

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