Fitness Has A Greater Impact On You Mentally Than It Essay

Fitness Has A Greater Impact On You Mentally Than It Essay

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I believe that fitness has a greater impact on you mentally than it does physically. Fitness releases chemicals that cause you to feel better instantaneously, improving mood for 24 hours. Fitness makes you more confident and improves your self-esteem, key for ridding anxiety and depression. Fitness makes you set goals for yourself, motivating you to improve yourself everyday. It gives you a boost of energy after, making you feel like you can conquer the world, or to just do your homework.
Fitness, no matter how much or how little, allows for endorphins to rush into our bodies and increase happiness. “We all have these neat feel-good neurochemicals just waiting to be released. Virtually any form of exercise, from weight training to yoga, can act as a trigger point in the production of endorphins in your body, which, in turn, can improve mood states.” (Dinas, Koutedakis, Flouris 2011) These little guys even help to combat stress which, when polled by students, is listed as the “Top Impediment to Academic Success” (ACHA-NCHA Data 2016)
Fitness is a depression fighter. Doctors can give antidepressants but some prescribe exercise as a natural way to back into the healthy mindset. Just getting out of bed to do it has been the biggest problem of modern day. And more trials and tests need to be put into this area, as it has not been researched enough.
Addicted to heroin? I got something that can help fight it. You guessed it, exercise. Working out releases dopamine, which also comes with drugs and dangerous substances. Doing exercise can help to de-prioritze these unhealthy cravings. Exercise can help regulate your circadian rhythm, which is disrupted by the consumption of alcohol.
Hundreds to thousands of years ago, people needed to ...

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...s tiny for a 50,000 student college, and build a better functioning one. Both gyms on campus will be free, with free bus rides to them every half hour from your respective living hall. There will be so many Yoga, cycling, dancing, kickboxing, etc. classes it’ll take up more than 2 pages with 9 font print.
Posters would also be plastered everywhere. It’d be like propaganda, “Exercise will make you 4.0” “Macho man today, valedictorian tomorrow” “Running towards a career” and ect. But below these propagandic titles would be some cited facts from known facilities on how exercise is really important for you mentally. I’d include long with that pictures of obese people and say they dropped out semester one, scaring people into more fitness. Although this is crazy and a little mean, it’d be a lot of fun to make and if it motivated even just one single person, it’d be worth.

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