Essay on The Fishes Camp

Essay on The Fishes Camp

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When Theo believes that he has lost everything in life and that hope would never be part of his life, Kee reveals her pregnancy to him. This is when Theo realizes that not everything is lost, that there is still a chance for a future. At first Theo seems confused and scared, he did not know whether to help Kee or not. However, when Kee tells him that Julian told her that he was the only one she could trust on, he accepts to help her. Finding out that the Fishes did not have good plans for Kee and her baby, Theo becomes paranoiac and learns that not everyone is trustable. Theo manages to get Kee and her midwife out of the Fishes camp. Since, Kee’s pregnancy symbolizes the hope and the salvation of all humanity, the Fishes wanted to use the baby to gain power. The wanting to keep Kee and her baby safe, makes him see life differently. Kee resembles Theo’s son and he felt that by taking her and her baby safely to the human project, he will make up for what he could not do for his child. This is when Theo passes from the melancholic stage to the mourning stage, because now he had a purpose and someone to look out for. Theo’s life undergoes a transformation, when he holds Kee’s baby for the first time. The crying of Kee’s baby gave hope and purpose to Theo’s life. Here is when he discovers that hope can be reawakened even in the most destructive and hopeless society. His life had a new purpose now, something to fight for and that it is why he manages to keep himself alive and to keep Kee and her daughter safe. Even in the times when he feels defeated, he stands strong and he manages to keep Kee and her daughter out of danger.
During this journey of saving Kee and her baby, Theo loses a beloved love and a close friend, however he reali...

... middle of paper ...

... managed to get Kee, the baby and Theo to safety, by putting her life in danger of getting shot by Syd. After saving Kee from Luke, Kee’s baby begins crying. The people around them reached their hands out to touch the baby, a woman begins to sing a lullaby, and the gunfire seized. The people became a barrier to keep Kee, the baby and their savior safe. Here we see how a baby can become the salvation of humanity. At the end Theo ends up dying but he dies in piece knowing that he had saved a new life that represented humanities salvation.
Theo it’s a man that at first seems lost in a deep depression and melancholic suffrage, however the pregnancy of a girl and the last encounter with his wife, brought a spark hope and chance for a new life, to his lost soul. In this story we can see how a single person can bring hope to someone, even in times of war, grief and despair.

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