Fish Protein Has Been A Mainstay For The Human Diet Essay

Fish Protein Has Been A Mainstay For The Human Diet Essay

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Fish protein has been a mainstay for the human diet for centuries. However, aquaculture, which is the practice of raising fish such as salmon in controlled conditions, as opposed to the commercial fishing industry, which is procurement of wild fish from their natural environment, made its debut in the United States as a commercial enterprise in the late 1970’s according to the Eco - Justice Marketplace Project.(n.d.). This mode of salmon procurement began to develop in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, as a response to the declining populations of native wild fish such as salmon and trout.

However, Japan, one of the first countries to develop salmon hatchery program, as well as, an extensive aquaculture program receives the major credit for Japans eighty percent overall salmon production in the 1990’s. Moreover, this form of aquaculture is a principle source of fish not only in the United States, but also globally with China, now being the world’s largest producer with fish. Although, the practice of salmon aquaculture were thought to have developed via the Danish system of raising rainbow trout in freshwater in the 1890s, it was not until the 1960’s that the Norwegians successfully grew salmon in net pens off its sheltered salt water coast line that true salmon farming makes an appearance. Thus, this farming practices establishes aquaculture as a primary source of salmon, which eventually researches the United States, as well as, countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and even the Faroe Islands, today.

In the 1970’s, according to the FAO (n.d.), the first Atlantic salmon harvest produced within commercial confines yielded only six metric tons of fish, while today the Atlan...

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Furthermore, there exist various quality controls designed to improve the not only quality, but the safety, welfare, as well as, the environmental sustainability of farmed Atlantic salmon.
Most participating countries have established regulations that aspire to protect the welfare of the consumer, as well as, the environment, and the fish. I personally believe that wild fish enterprises generate more products and jobs, as well as, a healthier consumable product in reference to salmon. The fact that salmon spawning occurs only through the hardiest of fish is a major proponent, as well as, the contributing economic features. Moreover as perpetuated by Bland (2013), the floating, open-ocean net pens that produce billions of pounds of salmon per year likewise generate pollution, disease and parasites and maybe responsible for the collapse of the wild salmon populations.

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