Fish And Animals Are Not The Only Ones That Use Surface Water Essay

Fish And Animals Are Not The Only Ones That Use Surface Water Essay

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Fish and animals are not the only ones that use surface water. Freshwater is only about 3% of the entire planet’s water supply. According to Stapleton, “In 2002, each U.S. household used an average of 94,000 gallons of water per year. Some 55% of that water comes from reservoirs, rivers, and lakes (Stapleton, 2004). It was also found that in the United States, almost 40% of rivers and 45% of lakes are polluted (Stapleton, 2004). This pollution affects more than just wildlife though.
It is one thing to make some algae grow and kill a few fish, but nitrogen pollution is also contaminating human drinking water as well. According to the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, the contamination of drinking water can be deadly. This blue-green algae can cause itchy eyes and throat, skin rashes and hives. It can also cause worse issues with stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headaches, muscle or joint pain, seizures or convulsions (MCEA, 2015). Kids are more susceptible to issues where it can cause liver or central nervous system issues. Surface water is easier to contaminate, but these nitrates are also leaching into the ground water which is next to impossible to clean since nobody knows for sure exactly where and what path ground water takes. It is extremely hard to detect the nitrogen in the ground water when it is not easily exposed for sampling and testing.
Detection for nitrogen is not easy process. It is not as simple as looking at water and looking for water that is not clear, or has an odor to it. The biggest issue when testing is that it must be done in multiple locations, in a scientific method. There are three main methods of sampling that assists experts in the identification of high nitrogen i...

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...t is worse. Animals that are able to leave the area like shrimp and fish will leave; whereas species like clams can be found there in high numbers. Once this ecosystem is changed, it is hard to overcome. At one time the Mississippi River was in a much worse state than it is today. In an interview with area supervisor in Lake City Minnesota located on the River, Mr. Kevin Stauffer, he had mentioned that 30 years ago the Mississippi River had raw sewage being dumped straight into the water from multiple locations. The upper river in Minnesota was in a serious polluted state. Today it is finally in a state of good health. It has taken three decades to clear up and restore the wetlands there. (Stauffer, 2015). Surface water must be closely monitored in order to ensure that a healthy water is being maintained. When areas are not maintained they can become costly.

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