The First Year Seminar ( Fys ) Essay

The First Year Seminar ( Fys ) Essay

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In the First Year Seminar (FYS) we learned a multitude of essential skills that we can use to apply for the rest of our college experience, and years down the road. Throughout the first week of class we learned about Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), essentially they are skills that the students are suppose to know thoroughly by the end of the semester. The six major SLOs that were presented in a majority of FYS classes the first one is access to diverse information through focused research, active discussion and collaboration with peers, this skill is important for college and professional life because it is important that one is able to converse appropriately and knowledgably amongst peers. It is a great skill to have because it shows that a person can work well in a team. The second skill from the SLOs is the ability to separate facts from inferences and relevant from irrelevant information, and explain the limitations of information. This skill is essential to build upon because gaining problem-solving skills one can work through sticky situations. Problem solving skills are great for college and professional life because one can get through tough problems quickly and efficiently, without this skill time is wasted. The third skill from SLO’s is evaluating the credibility, accuracy, and reliability of conclusions drawn from information. This skill is valuable among college and professional life due to the fact that it allows a person to back up their arguments for papers with reliable sources that are credible and accurate that supports the information. Otherwise the argument doesn’t have any supporting evidence to continue their argument to get their point across, if not gained correctly the argument becomes irrelevant in the ...

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...t of the opportunity.
Advice I would give to next years freshman is do not go boy-crazy or girl-crazy during the first semester at least because you need to focus on what you really came here for is higher education. It’s hard enough to get adjusted to the college life, with different methods of teaching to all of the homework. The only emotional distress one should have, not that one should, is just stressing over school. Stressing over being in a relationship isn’t worth it. A second piece of advice I would love to give is studying or doing homework in your dorm room is not effective, you get distracted easily. Go out to the library, and get your homework done faster in a peaceful and quiet environment. I didn’t learn this until the ending of the semester, I wish I had gone to the library earlier, then maybe my grades would be better than they are this semester.

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