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First World War For Dummies Essay examples

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The Title “First World War for Dummies” is self-explanatory that it is about World War 1. The author of the book, Sean Lang describes the war in detail from how this war differs from others, whether the war was worth it till describing the best places to visit to learn more about World War 1. The countries’ leaders (especially in Europe) desire to be “Great Power” of the world is the main reason why the war started. But, “the Sarajevo assassination in 1914, however, was the spark that finally set off the First World War.” Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Royal Highness of Austria Hungary was assassinated by Colonel Dimitrijevic, also known as Apis to obtain power by obtaining a port on the Adriatic coast. Austria- Hungary asked German’s help to fight against Serbia. Since then, countries began to form ally with other countries. Germans declared war on Russia; Britain declared war on German for invading Belgium; Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia, Britain and France declared war on Austria-Hungary and more wars.
After so many wars have been declared, Britain, France and Russia formed an ally (Entente Cordiale/Triple Entente) and Germany, Austria-Hungary formed an ally called the Triple Alliance with partial inclusion of Italy. Lang also described about the involvement of United States in the war and central role it played to end it (such as Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points). After the war, United States became the dominant and influential country of the world. Even though, the peace treaty has been signed between the Allies and the defeated powers, the whole world has been affected and caused an unchanged impact. Since most of the European rule countries in Asia and Africa, they are forced to be involved in this wars. More to that, t...

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...erspective on behalf of many countries’ leaders. One of the examples are, Woodrow Wilson’s perspective of entering war. Since he knew that Americans will not vote for him if they knew of his idea of involving in war. Therefore, he kept his slogan “He kept you out of war.” More to that, he gave various countries point of view of women working on behalf of men. Britain recruited woman to work in the field of war. French recruited them to work in the industries, many women in Austria- Hungary volunteered to work in the war but women in Germany stayed at home and help their families to overcome “food shortages and higher prices (252).” These are a few perspectives of many that Lang described. He gave his perspectives of the war, the soldiers, etc. One of the reason the book was interesting is because I could understand the war from various accounts of perspectives.

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