The First World War : A Crucial Time For The Development Of National Welfare System

The First World War : A Crucial Time For The Development Of National Welfare System

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The time following the Second World War turned out to be a crucial time for the development of national welfare states. European countries took different approaches to support their people. Some countries like the United Kingdom built a completely new welfare system while others like Germany and Austria decided to keep existing social welfare systems (Kaelble 264). Ultimately different plans and ideas regarding welfare led to divisions between countries that still exist. Different countries have different values regarding the necessary level of contribution one must put in to receive welfare benefits. Additionally, countries disagree on how generous benefits should be. All of these competing philosophies and visions have led to the creation of the five distinct types of welfare states we see today in Europe. First, there is the Liberal Anglo-Saxon Welfare system that appears in the United Kingdom. In this system the free market holds priority and the state is mostly utilized to help subsidize the poor. Additionally, there is oftentimes a negative stigma associated with receiving welfare benefits in the Liberal Anglo-Saxon system. This can discourage people from seeking welfare benefits. A second type of European welfare system is the Corporatist Continental type. The Corporatist Continental type is found in Central Europe and emphasis traditional family values. Social security is provided to all citizens with certain caveats. Such as the idea that the system is concerned with preserving status differential like workers and housewives which can lead to benefits that vary. A third welfare system is the Social Democrat or Scandinavian type. The Scandinavian type exists in Northern Europe and provides generous benefits to all citizen...

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...omic system of the Euro could collapse. Ultimately, the economic inequality throughout Europe dooms any attempts at complete integration. Finally, there is the question of sovereignty. Many argue that in giving more powers to a European Government you are in effect undermining your own national sovereignty. If a United States of Europe is to form; what will become of national identity, pride, and individualism? If the people in London, Paris, Madrid, or Rome, disagree with the men and women in Brussels then what power do they have? Voters in the United Kingdom will contemplate the possible answers to those questions in the near future and if voters in the United Kingdom decide to leave the European Union then I am sure other nations will ponder the same questions. This could not just delay complete European integration, but reverse the “progress” that has been made.

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