First Trimester : A Normal Rate Essay

First Trimester : A Normal Rate Essay

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Next, I asked my mother to explain to me if she had any difficulties during the trimesters. She answered and said that the first trimester was pretty good. The embryo was developing at a normal rate. The heart beating was normal and she did not have any complications. Nevertheless during the second and third trimesters my mom began to have complications that were not only affecting herself but also her baby. To start off in the second trimester at thirteen weeks she began to notice that she was losing a lot of liquid inside her body. Whenever she would go to the restroom she noticed that the uterus released blood instead of releasing liquid properly. Experiencing this symptoms made her feel scared and did not know what to do. She consulted the doctor and the doctor mentioned that this was not normal on a pregnancy the baby had risks and an abortion had to be taken care of. My mom then said that she did not want to hear this kind of news. She could not accept the idea of having an abortion. Luckily a week later she went to the clinic again to check up on herself and the doctor said that the baby was fine and an abortion was not necessary. By the end of the second trimester the fetus continued to develop and the hair and small little hands were beginning to form. The last semester was the worse and painful trimester during my mom’s pregnancy. A month later my mom was six months pregnant and worse symptoms were occurring. My mother had fallen under depression when one of a close family member passed away. The death of her uncle had an effect because she was really close to him and had the opportunity to share some moments of her life with him. He was one of the few family members that supported her and gave her the strength she nee...

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...e it she said the baby weighted 42 grams and measured 12 inches. My mother and father said that the baby fit in the palm of their hands. She was super small and was twenty six weeks old premature. The expected due date was January however my little sister was born on October and she was a 6 month old premature baby. My mom was worried because the baby was born premature and was concerned about her development. My little sister was born with almost no oxygen her APGAR was a score of 1. Her heartbeat was responding however it was under 100. She had weak muscle and respiratory effort and her body was pink with blue. According to the text book at week thirty six the placenta, and the umbilical cord have already been formed inside the fetus (Berk 97). In my sister’s case the placenta and the umbilican cord were not yet developed because it was not the time to be born yet.

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