The First Trauma Essay

The First Trauma Essay

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The first trauma shown in this story was related in her family. The war was the memory for her to want to forget totally. She lost her father during the war, that is the first tragedy. Even she overcame this sorrow, she lost her two brother. The reason why the death of two brother was sadder for her was sense of guilt. When she discussed with her mother about their shelter, she suggested the location in the house. Unfortunately, that night, the location was bombed, and then they caught two boys’ tared body parts. She was monologue “I don’t know the thing that I hate is myself, others, or everything. Anyway, I’d like to crumpled landscape surrounding me and throw away” (Park 34). Why she expressed crumpling and throw away? Maybe it 's from her memory about the death of two brothers. She always thought they were never killed even though she did not suggest that area to let them hide into. The thing that harass her was her mother. After they were dead, she was totally mad with mental disorder. She mumbled as if she had lost her mind, and blamed Kyong-a. She was also so sad, but even how much sorrow she got if she heard like why god took two boys instead of a girl. That was not a one time heard. Everyone knows how it hurts if they lost family, but her mother only thought for her. She made her trauma. “People foolishly wanted the peace, but that’s not going to do it. The War will be ended after distributing disaster fairly for everyone” (Park 38). According to this passage, how deep was her trauma. In this part, we can apply the solution to overcome trauma. The second one, that is forgiving themselves. The someone who killed her brothers was not her.
The tragic situation, the war, made a tragedy and killed her family. She did not have...

... middle of paper ... She never has been felt fully love from family or other people. Around the war, she seriously was suffering from sense of guilt for death of two brothers, and her mother also blamed her. Objectively, her love was hard to understand under the legal theory. However, if we were hard to support her all behavior, but had to understand. She just expressed as a behavior from her sorrow and trauma to desire for affection and relationship. It was the story to show how does war devour human being’s soul. The only way to rescue her was sincere and normal love. Finally, Kyong-a gets over with her trauma. It showed process to recover it. It was not that easy. The war was enough to spoil one’s life as well as entire community. We have to remember that trauma was a serious problem on one’s life and had to cure, and the war could have brought heavy sorrow for all community.

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