First Term Pl The Adobe Master Suite Essay

First Term Pl The Adobe Master Suite Essay

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First-Term Plan Essay
Originally I had signed up for Japanese, the Adobe Master Suite, a module class on the Christmas Carol, Shakespeare, and Medieval Spain. Before I arrived on campus, the Adobe Master Suite class was canceled, so I was left trying to recalibrate my schedule in order to get at least 16 credits instead of 14. Also, I quickly realized I didn’t want to go to an 8am Japanese class, dropped it, and signed up for Walking & Writing. In a sort of surge, I then dropped the Christmas Carol and signed up for Aural History. Unfortunately, I was still left with 14 credits by the end of that, as I was trying to get into Cognition: How People Think before it filled up. Luckily, the professor opened that class to a larger amount of students totaling 34, so I was able to get my 18 credits in the end.
The only qualms I have about the registration process is that my primary choices of Fundamentals of Creative Writing and Fiction from Fact were largely ignored due to the large influx of students this year. So I think I’m going to have to get creative in my approach to learning creative writing, since Walking & Writing is largely about nature or memoirs about walking, whereas I want to write fictional stories that don’t make any sense. Moreover, I wish that the registration process did a better job of making sure that students had 16 credits, instead of leaving them in the wind when a teacher decides to cancel an entire class.
Overall though, I’ve had a good experience learning the fundamentals of literature with Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances. Medieval Spain has taught me about the basis of Spanish culture with regards to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Cognition has taught me the practical side of psychology that doesn’t focus...

... middle of paper ...

...n more about professional writing.
I guess to put this whole thing into a conclusion would be kind of lame from my perspective. I came to Bennington expecting to immediately jump into Creative Writing, History, and Literature, where I found myself surrounded by limited resources and new professors from Yale. While this could have been worse, I suspect that the registration process doesn’t get any easier over time, so I’m hoping I can brave the same registration process on student populi in about three days. My Field Work Term directly puts me into a position of writing at a non-profit, though I would like to be treated as a decent human being for my labor. Hopefully all of this will give me the skills in the future to get a paid job, as well as continue studying writing and history—but then again there’s a library of knowledge if I don’t get into the classes I want.

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