The First Source Of A Text Is Visualizing Essay

The First Source Of A Text Is Visualizing Essay

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Vision Sources
The first source that students can use to demonstrate their understanding of a text is visualizing. Today’s students think visually, they remember shapes, movements, colors and relationships of characters in a story. Students can imagine a fictional story taking place as if the story was a movie. Along with a graphic organizer, to highlight sections of the story, students can picture the plot in space and time. They can also use verbs, adjectives and nouns to create diagrams or pictures or other mental images.
The second source that students can use is asking and answer questions about their readings. Students can create their own questions about the text. This will help them understand words that may confuse them, and encourage active learning. While students are reading, they can pause and write down questions that are confusing in the text, or they may think is a highlighted point in the story. Students must look for the answers while reading. When they are finished students can refer back to the questions and provide the answers to explain the text and locate the highlighted points of the reading.
The third source, retelling and summarizing, students can retell a text using their own words to clear up language barriers. When students retell a story it challenges them to aim for complete understanding and mastery of the story. When students summarize using their own words, it allows them to discriminate between the main ideas of the text and the minor details of the characters in the story. During reading, students can place a check mark or write out the main ideas of the story. After they finish reading, retell or summarize the text, making sure to focus on the highlighted points of the story. Students have to...

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...aking them expert learners of the text.
When students retell what they’ve learned they personalized their learning by retelling the story in their own words. This allows a deeper understanding that the student relates to. When students can present real-world connections it gives them a newer meaning to learn the text. Teachers can assist students to making real-world connections by connecting through student interests, experiences and significant issues. Finally, utilizing word-attack strategies, teaches students techniques that will last a lifetime on decoding complex multi-syllable words. When students understand their phonics they are able to decode words with little or no effort allowing them fluency in reading and comprehension.

Zimmerman, S., and Keene, E., (1997) mosic of thoughts: teaching comprehension in a reader’s workshop: Heinemann press

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