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The First Social Work Course Essay example

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Statement of Purpose
The first Social Work Course was offered at Columbia University in 1898. From that point on there were many individuals who became the pioneers of this field. Jane Adams is one of the many examples. She is best known for her work with establishing settlement houses in Chicago for immigrants in the early 1900’s. Following her work many others followed suite. Thus leading this to becoming an established profession, with the centennial being celebrated in 1998. Since the beginning Social Workers have fought to understand the diverse populations of our society. In addition to this each have fought for social injustices to be improved. This has come forth as each have worked in various career fields as either Generalist and or Clinical Social Workers. These various career fields include and are not limited too; agency directors, CPS workers, Probation Officers, Clinicians, Disability Service Advocates, Lawyers and Medical Social Workers. These professionals are held to a standard of ethics and best practices set by the NASW.
Throughout my life (especially, as an adult) I have strived to apply the values of service and social justice throughout my volunteer experiences as well as my daily interactions with others. As I reflect on the many opportunities I have been given which would apply to this concept the following four examples are brought to my attention. First, my full-time missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Florida Tampa Mission from December 2011-July 2013. As I served those individuals who lived in this area I learned to work with various diverse populations. This included working with drug addicts, bi-lingual families, the elderly, those in poverty, single par...

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...mental health facilities), thus providing me the opportunity to work with various diverse hospital populations which will vary in age, economic status, illnesses, familial backgrounds as well as individuals from all around the world. With an MSW from Loyola I will be able to apply Social Work Best Practices as I work with the diverse populations in the Chicago area and become a hospital social worker.
I have chosen to complete the MSW Program at Loyola at this time because my life is in such a place that allows the opportunity to continue an advanced degree. Because I am single, without children and do not have any current professional obligations I will be able to give all my time and attention to all aspects of this program. To fund this MSW I will utilize Student Loans, apply for work study opportunities, and supplement costs with part-time minimal employment.

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