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The First Signal Of The French Revolution Essays

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As students of medicine, we become familiar with the proper course of questions that lead us to identify the patient’s problem. We usually take for granted such questions as “What brings you to the clinic today?” or “Where does it hurt you the most and does the pain radiate?” Even though these questions seem trivial to us, we should realize that this paradigm of questions is a result of a major leap in the course of medical history. This leap started with the introduction of Paris clinic which was the first signal of the French revolution. With the emergence of this clinic, Foucault, the French philosopher, established the concept of epistemological rupture and introduced some of the problems associated with the Paris clinic, mainly the medical gaze. As Foucault argued that the medical gaze is a consequence that accompanies the emergence of the scientific medicine, the notion of viewing the human as a body for experimentation or a person as part of the society who has feelings and emotions remained an essential topic of debate when it came to the physician-patient relationship.
Before the revolution, the physicians were just aides for the aristocratic class of the society. The French revolution demanded a re-examination of the people’s basic rights and a new approach to understand the causes and effects of the human health. Hence, physicians started assuming a greater responsibility towards the public health. In addition to that, around that time physicians were starting to distance themselves from superstitions and pseudoscience as we saw in the case of Broca’s area, and instead focus on the actual science behind human disease. Some problems; however, remained which hindered the progress of scientific medicine. Morbid anatomy...

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...ures that will be applied to him.
Finally, we see that the medical gaze allows the physician to understand the disease on the biological level, hence figure out how to treat patient’s medically. Yet, this same gaze fails to understand the patient holistically which might alter the course of treatment as emotions often play a major role in the success of a certain treatment. As students, it is imperative to understand that as we spend most of our medical education trying to memorize the names of every single bone and nerve in the human body, we remain aware that with time, we will refine our gaze to meet the needs of our patients. Perhaps taking time to understand the history of medicine and the problems faced in the past will allow us to explore the depths of disease as we used to explore the organs of our cadavers while maintain proper contact with our patients.

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