The First President Of The United States Essay

The First President Of The United States Essay

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The United States of America has a rich history full of history icons and great men and women. One of these great figures is John Adams, mostly recognized for being the second president of this great nation. He was more to the United States than just a president. He is well known for is defense in the Boston Massacre, though he was afraid that his involvement would ruin his reputation, this however did not happen and he continued to rise politically. He continued his political career and joined the continental congress. A couple of years later The Declaration of Independence was signed with his name being among the signatures. The 1780’s were an eventful time for Adams. He helped the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolution, he then was appointed the U.S. Ambassador to Great Brittan. In 1789 John Addams had became the first United States Vice President, under President George Washington. Six years later in 1796 he became the Second President of the United States.
On the 30th of October in 1735 John Adams was born in Braintree, this place is now known as Quincy, Massachusetts. He was the first born a farmer and his wife. His parents were more than just farmers his Father was part of the militia, a constable, a tax collector and deacon of the church in the town of Braintree. Adams’ father was his role model in life and where many believe he got his fighting spirit and leadership qualities. Not much is known about Adams’ Mother except that she was a fiery and stubborn woman, which many believe is where Adams got his stubbornness from. Johns’ Father was convinced that there was more for his son then just farming and for many years pushed him to get an education. John Adams mention his father in a letter saying, “probabl...

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...nder this roof."
After his presidency John Adams moved back to Quincy, Massachusetts with his wife. He retired there but that did not mean Adams would not keep busy. He spent the next twenty-five years writing. He wrote books, newspaper columns and many letters. One of the largest letter libraries are between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson his old rival. They continued to write each other well over 10 years. In 1818 John lost his wife but continued to live on until 1862. This was long enough for his to see his son become President in 1824, following in his footsteps. John Adams died on the United States 50th birthday. That July fourth in 1826 both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson left this world just a few hours apart, Jefferson a few hours before Adams. Around the same time Thomas Jefferson died, Adams spoke his last words saying “Thomas Jefferson still survives.”

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