The First Pneumatic Tires Invented by John Boyd Dunlop Essay

The First Pneumatic Tires Invented by John Boyd Dunlop Essay

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tires were invented in 1888 by a scottish veterinarian named John Boyd Dunlop. these were the first pneumatic tires. he attached a rubber tube around his wooden bike wheel and he covered the contact patches with thick canvas.
There was a large desire for tires because the faster the object gos the greater the chance there is for wheel slippage and all roads at first were dirt. tires also soften the bumps on the road, having wooden wheels is all around less efficient and won't grip the road like tires do.
Different kinds of tires are better at different tasks, for example; there are 4 different tires: racing, mudding, street, all terrain and commercial tires. street tires are built to be driven on the street because of their treads, they are specifically designed for gripping the road, not just dry pavement but they also work on wet pavement and moderately well on icy pavement. all terrain tires treds are basically thick street treads that do well off road better than street tires but not as well as mudding tires. commercial tires are are very sturdy and meant for heavy loads, they can survive running over more without getting a air leak than regular tires and are pretty closely related to all terrain tires. and then there are racing tires, racing tires, depending on the type of racing, don't have tried at all and are often referred to as slicks, they Slicks are racing tires with smooth surfaces. The most fundamental method of providing mechanical grip in a race car is to put as much surface area of the tire in contact with the road, or track surface, as possible. Because slicks have no grooves, they have a larger contact patch, or footprint, and provide optimal traction.

different brands of tires
there are many ...

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... mud to snow or even just pavement, but without them we wouldn’t have been able to advance in our automotive technology. Tires make it possible to drive and for “a piece of rubber” stuck to the outside of your rim, they’re pretty important. So take care of your tires they’re there for a reason and you can’t drive without them.

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