The First Murder Recorded By Biblical History Essay

The First Murder Recorded By Biblical History Essay

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The enemy and his cohorts have been sentenced to life of eternity in hell for his act of defiance done against God. Because of that he has been in a persistent battle to take as many others with him as he can. All those who apart of the Christian faith have become number one on Satan 's hit list. In fact, the bible tells us that the enemy desire is to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). Because Satan’s future has already been predestined, he has no desire to fight fair, so if he has to take a person 's life then he is more than willing to do so. From the fall of mankind and to this current day, the enemies’ efforts to destroy all those who desire to obey the ways of God has really been evident. The first murder recorded in biblical history came about between Cain and his brother Abel (Gen. 4:8). Cain slew his brother simply because he obeyed God 's request for a sacrificial offering, and Cain decided to offer God what he wanted to offer him. Cain allowed the enemy to use him to take his brother’s life and because of that he was exiled from his family. This incident was proof of the enemy 's desire take the life of anyone who chooses to obey God. Not only does he desire to kill Christians, but he desires to take the life of anyone. Take a look at all of the senseless killings of so many people from children to a college student sitting in a classroom getting an education. All these acts of violence are the works of the enemy and his followers. It is important to remember that Satan goes around looking for those he can devour (I Peter 5:8).
Another tactic of the enemy is to simply steal, and he tries to steal everything from your joy, peace, your victory and your faith. One of the tactics of the enemy is to attack everything aro...

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... and resurrection power of Jesus Christ. His finished work defeated Satan and his demons, so as Christian we should be grateful, and understands that each believer is to live a life that consist of prayer, reading Gods word, and fasting. These help because the enemy desires to bring evil things to our mind that will lead us away from God. In fact bible tells us we are to cast every high thought that goes against God (2 Cor. 10:5, KJV). If each Christian practices these principles they will forever live a lifestyle of victory over the enemy. No Christian has to fall prey to Satan and his demons if they know who they are in this faith walk and how to obey the word of God. It is important that all believers should keep in mind they are in a constant battle with the enemy, and in order to fight in a battle they must make sure that they have on the entire armour of God.

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