The First Model Of The World Trade Organization Essay

The First Model Of The World Trade Organization Essay

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When I have the opportunity to be part of a group of negotiation and defend the position of my country during a meeting in the World Trade Organization, I was convinced that I wanted to play that role for the rest of my life. The first approach that I had in the area of international affairs started when I was studying my bachelor degree in Language, Business and International Studies at the Catholic University of Ecuador. I was part of the student council and we organized the first Model of United Nation. This experience was so grateful because more than the experience to play the role of proposing some agreements in order to solve different issues, we could share experiences with other students from Peru and Colombia. After that experience and working for four years with different economic actors of Ecuador, I could feel that corruption, unsuccessful negotiations, and the lack of economical and trade policies have delayed the process of industrialization trigger our dependence in the export of commodities. However, in the actually presidency of Rafael Correa, the government has been implementing new trade and development policies, which have generate structural changes in the economy of Ecuador. My aim is to be part of that progress, and with my knowledge contribute to improve the relationships and trade agreements that Ecuador already has.

The experience and the knowledge that I had is because of different activities that I did working with ONG, private enterprises and working with the government. The first moment when I get interested in the international relations and economic policy was when I worked in the GEF Small Grants Programme-SGP– UNDP in Quito. During this time, I had the opportunity to see and learn some effects t...

... middle of paper ... gourmet market niches appropriate from Ecuadorian products. Finally, develop a portfolio of investment projects specific in each economic sector with the objective to get more foreign direct investment and cooperation.

In this context, I am interested in the GSPIA program because they focus in tree mainly pints. First is the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in addressing “local to global” public policy issues. The second is because the GSPIA approach is more holistic and allows students to examine the entire system before getting a conclusion. The knowledge in politics, international economy, development, strategy and policy make the student consider hundred of facts and consequences that could disturb a decision. Finally, GSPIA has research programs and institutes, which provide students several opportunities to develop into complex issues.

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