Essay about The First Methods Of Communication

Essay about The First Methods Of Communication

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The first methods of communication were with smoke signals, hand delivered messages, including the Romans having a marathon runner who would run for 20 miles to deliver a verbal message, and carrier pigeons with smaller ones for encrypted messages, especially during a war time between 2 rival countries. Some people even found the tin can with a string to connect the two, would work, though limited. The string must be suspended only by the 2 cans and nothing can touch the string and cut it off, or the vibrations of sound from one person to the other wouldn 't be able to cross over. The string method could still be used today for experiments and playful fun, but as always, the way to communicate continued to evolve. Over time, the method to talk over long distances improved with telegrams which instantly sent a live message using Morse code. Another person would have to be on watch and be able to receive and decode the message right away. Next after, Alexander Graham Bell made the first fully functional telephone in 1876, which consisted of a transmitter for the voice, and an earpiece for the listener to be able to hear.
While the use of telephones became available in everyone 's households, the operators were used to direct their traffic of communication from one side to their desired target. Later, the 2 piece set of ear and microphone, became one together, which was single handheld piece of the rotary phone. With the rotary phone, introduced worldwide in 1902, a number could be entered through a spinning circle and redirect the completed phone number to the receiving end of the call skipping the operator. Telephone lines grew more and more across the country, while phone booths grew just as popular, available to everyone who use...

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...ble topologies and sequences. This results in TS tripping the contacts and simultaneously charging CS – and calls for a strong TS. At S1 the tripping spring is in a discharged condition and recharging it requires a move from S1 to S3. Closing operation is a movement from S3 to S4. All the above have been depicted pictorially in Fig. 2. The mechanism shown is the AND gate of Fig. 1a. We should look upon the device merely as a schematic illustration of the operating principles and the structure of the primary mechanism. The procedure as outlined permits the designer to determine the connectivity of the springs and the sequence required for operation, systematically for all permutations and combinations. Thus what has been outlined is akin to “Type Synthesis”. The truth table is the first step in the synthesis and this is followed by a schematic like the one in Fig. 2.

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