Essay on The First King, President Of The United States

Essay on The First King, President Of The United States

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The first king, president of the United States was Andrew Jackson.President Jackson ran two terms which were from 1829 to 1837. Jackson was the first president to grow up from a poor family, he was born on the border of North and South Carolina in 1767. He first volunteered in the Revolutionary War, when he was 13.Jackson was captured and badly wounded Jackson was let free thanks to a prisoner exchange and served. He returned home to his widowed mother, but unfortunately his mother died shortly after. At age 17 he began to study law later got married and moved to Tennessee. Jackson was elected to be Tennessee’s first US House Representative and later US Senate. Jackson leads volunteers to banish Creek Indians in the Alabama territory. Jackson fought the British after the war was over and won the battle. Jackson won the popular vote, but did not win the electoral college his first time running for president. Andrew Jackson was not democratic. A democracy is a system of government in which there is a supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. Andrew Jackson policies were very undemocratic with the Native Americans and his veto power , but his beliefs were very democratic.
Jackson’s policies with Native Americans were undemocratic because they decreased the power of people in that culture. In Document 9 it states “ we are compelled to leave our county, we see nothing but ruin before us. The county west of the Arkansas territory in unknown to us…..The greater part of that region is badly supplied with food and water…” Andrew Jackson did not see the Native Americans as citizens he saw them as trouble. Jackson more than trying to solve a solution that ...

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...dence helped explain that Andrew Jackson’s believes were democratic because he knew what most American people are going through and he never lets his power go to his head. Democracy is a government by the people and the people picked Jackson.
Andrew Jackson policies were very undemocratic with the Native Americans and his veto , but yet he himself and his beliefs were very democratic.Andrew Jackson was not very undemocratic although he may have democratic belief. He treated the Native Americans horribly, he was biased about using his veto power.This is why Andrew Jackson was undemocratic Andrew Jackson democracy is very important today because we have a democratic party. He gave an example of what a democrat would act. He gave people more freedom and less to the federal government. While the other people believe that the federal government should take more control.

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