The First Greek Epic Poem Essay

The First Greek Epic Poem Essay

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Odyssey is known as the second Greek epic poem after the Iliad that were written by the great Greek ancient poet known as Homer. The story epic poem was written in the 8th century BC with its key focus being telling more about the adventures of a mythical hero whose name was Odysseus. The story stresses more on the story of Odysseus during his trip home after the Trojan War (Homer & Lattimore, 1967). The adventures of Odysseus wife are also highlighted as she waited his husband at Ithaca. For those who understand the works of Homer, it gets out very clearly that this piece of work is more than just an entertaining tale about monsters, gods, and people, but it displays some sort of cultural paradigm that displayed human relationships (Bloom, 1988).
Most importantly, this piece of work gives the readers a chance to understand the real and the expected relationships between mortal, god, and that of humans who have different roles in the epic. Again, the role of women as depicted in the epic is seen to be unique as they all have unique personalities, relationships with men and unique intentions (Bloom, 1988). All women characters in this particular epic are seen to have different roles and characteristics but they are all seen to be playing an important role in defining the role of an ideal woman in the society (Homer & Lattimore, 1967). As such, this paper will look at the different ways in which women are depicted in the epic, their characteristics, and their role in bringing out the character of the hero in the story.
The depiction of women in The Odyssey
The epic was written at a time when women were taken a subservient and fawning position among men; their roles were almost limited to childbirth and domestic duti...

... middle of paper ...

...the story as playing an important role by offering different elements to the story that are essential in the whole story. According to the story, all women in the story take an important role in helping the hero to accomplish his works. The goddesses control the role of Odyssey thus making him to accomplish his journey (Homer & Lattimore, 1967).
In summary, it is in order to say that all women in the ancient Greece were treated as inferiors to their male counterparts and they were not allowed to mix with men and be part of the operations that take place in the society. With all the women in the epic, there are very few women in the epic who play important roles an act that shows that men dominated the society at that time. In contrast, women in the Odyssey are seen to be playing very important roles in bringing out the true character of the epics hero.

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