First Grade Of Drastic Change Essays

First Grade Of Drastic Change Essays

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First Grade
First grade was the best no worries in the world coloring, painting, tracing and playing easy.
Second Grade
In certain places, you’re allowed to beat kids and Jamaica is one of those places. The very first time I got a beating I was in class and the teacher was having a discussion on something I didn’t understand, so when she started asking question I started to panic, so she said if anyone shout they would not be call on so when I heard that I started shouting a creating the most excitement, but she called me and when I went up to that broad not knowing what to do or what was going on I got a beating of a lifetime.
Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade
“We’re moving,” Mom said to me
“Where?” I asked mom
The grade of drastic change, moving to America was a life altering experience not knowing anyone or what to expect. At the time I was thinking about all the advantage of moving better education, better opportunity, and a new surrounding. Along with all the disadvantage no friend, no family, no house. I came to find out that my grandfather tha...

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