The First Grade Charter School Classroom Essay

The First Grade Charter School Classroom Essay

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From the moment I walked into the classroom, I knew Mrs. Shoemaker was going to be a great mentor to learn from. Mrs. Shoemaker was very intentional with explaining her reasoning behind all of her activities. Working in a fifth grade charter school classroom, there are many differences in instruction than a public school. It was interesting to learn the different regulations that are followed in this environment. To start off her day, Mrs. Shoemaker instructs the class to look over the objectives for the day which she writes new every morning. The first lesson is math. Engaging the students from the start, Mrs. Shoemaker played Whack a Mole to wake the students up. For this activity, the teacher states the problem, and the first student to stand from the seat gets to answer the question. Mrs. Shoemaker used this time to encourage the students in her instruction. Phrases like, “Break that word down” and “What does that mean” make the students actually consider what they are saying so there is a deeper understanding. The students also worked through their math worksheets to prepare them for their homework.
The following lesson was grammar. Covering the basics of capitalization, punctuation, prefixes/roots/suffixes, and subject/verb, could have been a very basic lesson. The charter school sets out an assigned lesson plan that all teachers in the district are to follow. Mrs. Shoemaker took this basic lesson plan and spiced it up to creatively involve the students. From the simple verbal encouragement such as repeating what the students say to see if they made sense of the lesson and asking them to expand on something to make sure they fully understand, Mrs. Shoemaker was able to clearly watch the student’s light bulbs turn on ...

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... already read through the book and identified different vocabulary and themes. Mrs. Shoemaker purposefully and strategically stopped the reading at certain points to hold discussion. These moments were preparation for an assignment like this. In the end each group will have at least five minutes to act out their own version of the story. By this point, they would have been formally assessed through a thumbs up understanding, they would have identified key themes in the story, and they would have been placed in strategic groups to ensure the involvement of all students. After presenting their reformed story, the students should not only see the story in one new point of view but up to four as each group will create a new storyline setting. This allows for a deeper understanding of the story reaching the goal for the students to fully look into both sides of the story.

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