Essay The First Generation Of A Foreign National

Essay The First Generation Of A Foreign National

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with whom they can share the same legal status of a foreign national. And in this way Mr. Pirzada became their close acquaintance with Lilia’s parents and later on with Lilia also. He often tell them the stories of his family back at home to express his desperation to go back to his country. But, Lilia never able to comprehend him as she is unaware of what it means to be on the look-out for someone who stays miles apart. Lilia did not understand what it means to be nostalgic as she is born in Boston and too young to understand such complex human psyche. It is only when Mr. Pirzada went back to Dacca, she gradually sensed his absence and started recollecting the stories Mr. Pirzada used to tell her. She began to realizing what it means to be nostalgic. Even the telecast on television about the political condition of Dacca makes Lilia offer her secret silent prayers for his wife and daughters.
The feeling of loneliness is much more a real crisis than feelings of nostalgia. The first generation immigrants always lament about the past they left at home and in process they make situations difficult not only for themselves but also to their children who are the most affected one in the constant tussle of cultural duality. This resulted in the emotional and psychological crisis in the children. Neither they understand their parents’ feeling, nor do the parents’ fathom their child’s problem. It is this incomprehensibility to relate and communicate one another and this is what the women diasporic writers try to hinge at through the portrayal of American born Indian child characters.
The constant effort on the part of the parents to make their children a product of their own culture is a major crisis in the immigrant household. ‘Family’ i...

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... Brooklyn, father speculate about his grandson Akash, who will one day turn out to be stranger to Ruma when he grows up just like Ruma and his brother Romi did during their college days when they freed themselves from the scaffolding of their parents. Akash is a bi-cultural product of Indian–American parentage—Ruma and Adam. Adam is an American and so Akash do not even share a Bengali surname and this leads to Ruma’s father’s predicament about his daughter that she too would soon going to face same problem as he and his wife faced for Ruma and her brother years ago. Although Ruma parents are both Indians, still they failed to inculcate into their children their traditions and culture while residing in America. It is because the process of adoption is a lived phenomenon, and cultural amalgamation is sure to occur while residing in a multicultural society like America.

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