The First Gay Movie: Transamerica directed by Duncan Tucker Essays

The First Gay Movie: Transamerica directed by Duncan Tucker Essays

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The first gay movie I watched was “Transamerica” directed by Duncan Tucker. While reading its review, I was impressed and fascinated by one sentence “Bree is one in which many will identify with in needing to become the person you really should be” (Irapoport, 2005). After this movie, I started searching for other gay movies and continued to watch gay movies until today.
I am the kind of person who enjoys movies; however, this does not apply to all genres. Interestingly, despite being a girl who is still interested in boys, my favourite genre of movie is gay movies. In general, I make a decision whether or not I will watch a movie by reading its review, and I have yet to be disappointed from this. This corresponds to Scott and Yalch’s (1980) claim that a favourable review would intensify a consumer’s expectation, if her previous experience indicated that the pleasure she got from watching movies is same as her prediction from a review. I think the basic reason why I selected “Transamerica” is precisely because its review was so interesting. Nonetheless, apart from that particular reason, there are other reasons which influence my continuing to watch gay movies – a feeling of sameness and a relief of tension arising from internal conflicts.

How similar we are: The theory of mood congruence
I am a 23 year-old girl born into a family of scientists; my dad is a physician, my mom is a scientist, and my elder sister is pursuing her Ph.D. as a physicist. Despite being one year younger than my sister, I have always been in the same class with her.

Since my first year in kindergarten, I was kind of homesick, so I ran to my sister’s classroom and stuck with her all the time. Because of my stubbornness, my teacher gave up forcing me back ...

... middle of paper ...

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IRAPOPORT, 2005. Excellent real-life comedy/drama from a different point of view. The Internet Movie Data Base website. Access from: [Accessed 19 November 2009]

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