The First Four Crusades And The Crusades Essay

The First Four Crusades And The Crusades Essay

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Lasting from 1095-1290, The first four crusades lasted for 196 years.(Phillips) The crusades were motivated by the idea of spiritual freedom, new land, monetary incentives, and many other wordly goods. In recent years historians have learned more information about the first four crusades. This information helps answer some of the questions surrounding the first crusades. Outcomes varied from crusade to crusade, as did responses from Muslim governments, all of which shaped Muslim culture today.

Incentives for taking up the cross ranged from pilgrimage, monetary gains, and things such as political power or fame. Those who decided to crusade would be willing to face death for god, often succumbed to social pressure, desired to kill without guilt, or were simply seeking adventure or monetary gains.
Motivations to participate in the crusade varied among crusaders. Reasons to take up arms ranged from piety, money, new land, and political power. Prepared to give up everything crusaders would embark on the crusade ready to rally around the cause of holy war. Participation for the first crusade was motivated by Pope Urban II with the promise of piety. The crusades were to act as a form of pilgrimage, granting those who took up the cross penance from all sins.(Halverson) In 1095 the pope proposed an edict that stated, “Whoever for dedication to the Christian faith alone, but not to gain honor or worldly goods, should go to Jerusalem to liberate the Church of God, Those who travel to Jerusalem may substitute this journey for all penane”.(Philips) This shows one of the significant motivators for crusaders, forgiveness of their sins, this incentive would save participants from the eternal fires of hell. The Pope stated that p...

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...(tyerman christopher) This social factor helped establish the first crusader army and more importantly seal the success of the first crusade.
The contributing factors of the second crusade were similar to the first, however, the second crusade was far less successful. The second crusade was provoked by the capturing of Edessa in 1144.(tyerman christopher) While the second crusade was strategically prepared the only gain was the recapturing of the city of Lisbon. The second crusade failed because of many factors including the splitting up of the two crusader armies while on voyage. As the crusading armies crossed into Anatolia, both armies were separated causing them to be easily defeated by the Seljuks.(Philips) The fall of the second crusade caused disappointment and disillusion and left the newly established crusader states in the East insecure.(tyerman christopher)

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